Wednesday, October 21, 2009


My beautiful boy is officially seven months old, such a sweet boy. He's crawling/army crawling everywhere and cutting his 4th tooth - and is pretty sad because of it. We've also had the flu for seven days now...ugh, - though they've been super sick, you can see, they're still sassy as ever:) On a more joyful note, from all this illness, I've lost seven that's a happy seven:)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


We took a trip to a beautiful local orchard today, what a treat. I always forget how much it renews my spirit to spend time in beautiful outdoor surroundings, I just loved it.

6 month Ethan pics

My beautiful happy boy. Ethan offically took his first few crawls 3 days ago, he only does 2 or 3 little shuffles and only once a day, but I'm going with it:)

Brown day

We've officially begun our homeschool preschool, boy what fun, but really what a commitment....anyway....The other day was "Brown Day" for Sam - (for both of them,) I thought I'd give the idea of fingerpainting with pudding a try....hmmm not sure that my riotous laughter was helping to control the situation....not sure Sam knows what the color brown looks like either, but pretty sure they love chocolate pudding:)....and making messes

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some summer pics

I realize ethan looks a bit frightened, but still SOOO cute.
Miss Mia being her silly self with cousin Will:)

Momma and baby in WYO mountains, so great!

Testing testing

Is this thing still on? Boy, we've got a bit of updating to do....nevermind, we'll just jump in where we are. 2 was company, 3's a crowd....for sure;) Our little Ethan arrived in March and I think I'm beginning to adjust to 3....sometimes I think that, then I'll have a week like last week and think I'll have to hire help for the rest of my life;) Still love bein a Momma, it's the very hardest job around. Let's see if we can get some pics on here?? we go...uh I guess not, we'll try again later.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A hair pic

I tend to always be the picture taker, not IN the picture, so here's one finally of the short hair - I actually cut it again yesterday, so it's a few inches shorter and thinner. This was at Amelia's big Birthday bash in August:)